The Algorithmist is the home of Jim Armstrong, where applied mathematics meets programming.  My value proposition is very simple.  You’re here because you have a problem that your existing team can not solve.  Not because they are ineffective programmers; they simply may not have the necessary background and time for the issue at hand.  Or, you may be caught in the classic trap that a programming problem is not a programming problem at all.  It is in fact, a math/algorithm problem.

So, take the red pill, delve into my background and portfolio – let me show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.


My background is applied mathematics and programming, specifically numerical analysis and computational geometry. Much of my previous experience is in the area of business decision analytics, including operations research, AI, game programming, and predictive analysis. Companies use such algorithms for computer games, analyzing geo-coded data, competitive analysis, increasing revenue, up-sell and cross-sell predictions, make-vs.-buy, general forecasting and a variety of other business decisions.

So, how did I get there?  After obtaining a degree in mathematics with a minor in Aerospace engineering, my professional career began as a research mathematician writing assembly language math libraries for supercomputers.  I became interested in Operations Research towards the end of my HPC career.  This interest eventually led to becoming market development manager for Finance and OR at Silicon Graphics.  My tour of duty in the operations research arena included writing low-level solvers for multi-objective decision analysis and planning under uncertainty.   I then moved onto freelance work where a career writing plugins in C++ for high-end 3D software eventually migrated to custom application development.  About 70% of my time is devoted to application/library development with the remainder split among applied math consulting and background projects.

In a sentence, I take that which others consider too complex and time-consuming and abstract away the complexity into well-thought, well-documented API’s.  And, we all know how much developers like consuming API’s :)

Math is Eternal

Some developers identify with a particular language or development environment.  My identity is problem-solving, particularly challenging mathematical or engineering problems where the solution must be integrated into a programmed application.  My past experience includes Assembler, Basic, Fortran, C, C++, HTML/JS, a tiny bit of Java, Node/Express, Actionscript, Typescript, Flash, and Flex.

Programming languages come and go, but math is eternal.


My client list includes Ateliers Underlabs Inc., AZ Dept. of Education, Container Store, Explore Learning, Essilor Inc, Hilti, Inc., J.C. Penney, Origin Designs (ExpressJet, Neuhaus), Raytheon, ShoutStream Inc., Slingshot (Jack Daniels, Thyssen Krupp), Travelocity, and Voyager Sopris Learning, to name a few.

Have Equations :: Will Travel

In all respects, I am a modern-day digital alchemist; I turn data into gold and visions into reality.

Interested?  Please send me an email and let’s get in touch.  And, while you’re here, check out the Demos page for a long list of applied math demos and portfolio work.

Or, you can check some of my recent work on Github

– https://github.com/theAlgorithmist?tab=repositories

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Jim Armstrong

theAlgorithmist [at] gmail.com (for work inquiries)


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimarmstrong/